Proper Care for Your Chamois

Swim chamois are an essential accessory for swimmers and divers when it comes to drying off quickly after a swim. To maximize the life of your chamois, follow these care tips.

Initial Use
Before your first use, be sure to rinse your chamois thoroughly in water and wring it out. Don't worry if some excess dye comes out during this initial rinse, as it's normal.

Regular Cleaning
Clean your chamois regularly to avoid mildew and to keep it smelling and performing its best. For cleaning, hand wash it using mild soap and warm water, rinse, then squeeze out excess water.

If you are using your chamois regularly at the pool, rinse it after each use, wring it out, and store it damp in its storage tube.

If you are not using your chamois regularly, do not store it damp in its tube. Instead, leave it unfolded and allow it to dry completely. When you are ready to use your chamois again, soak it in water until completely saturated (about 10 minutes) to reactivate its absorbency.