Premium Swim Chamois Refills - Aqua
Premium Swim Chamois Refills - Aqua

Premium Swim Chamois Refills - Aqua

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Experience the difference with the Flow Premium Swim Chamois and say goodbye to bulky cotton towels in your swim bag. No matter how you spell it (chamois, shammy, shamie, sammy, chamie, shamee), our chamois towel is a game-changer. With a premium material, it surpasses ordinary chamois in both thickness and suppleness. It's not only space-saving, but it also outperforms traditional towels by absorbing more water. After a quick wring, it's ready to be reused between races and dives. The chamois come with a convenient zipper bag, designed to keep it damp and prevent drying out. The bag also features a vent hole for draining excess water.

  • WHAT'S INSIDE: Two swim chamois refills. Storage tubes not included. If you don't have a chamois tube you may use the included zipper bag for storage.
  • DIMENSIONS: 13" x 17".
  • VIBRANT COLORS: Choose from Aqua, Blue, and Purple.
  • USES: Perfect for swimming, diving, triathlons, and any other water sport.
  • FEATURES: Super absorbent, quick drying and reusable.

Here are some tips to properly care for your swim chamois so you get the most out of it:

  • If you are using your chamois regularly at the pool, wring it out and store damp in a vented zipper bag. You may use the included zipper bag or one of your own.
  • If you are not using your chamois regularly, do not store damp in bag. Instead, allow it to dry completely. When you are ready to use your chamois again, soak in water until completely saturated then carefully unfold.