Proper Care for Your Swimsuit

Over time swimsuits will deteriorate, but proper care will prolong their life and shape.

Be Careful Where You Sit
Pool decks and pool edges are rough and abrasive so you don’t slip on them. However, if you sit on them in your swimsuit it will cause excess wear, pilling, and even tearing. Take care and avoid sitting on the edges, and if you need to sit on the deck always lay down a towel first.

Avoid Oil Contact
Avoid getting sunscreen and lotion on your swimsuit. The oils found in these products can be damaging and eventually cause the elasticity in the fabric to break down causing your suit to lose its shape.

Avoid Hot Tubs
Hot tubs have extra chemicals in them. The harsh chemicals like bromine combined with extreme temperatures will quickly stretch and fade your swimsuit. Wear an old suit in the hot tub instead.

Don’t Leave Your Swimsuit in Your Towel
Leaving your swimsuit rolled up in a towel will continue to expose it to chemicals and their harsh effects. Instead rinse your suit before leaving the pool as described below.

Rinse After Swimming
Rinse by hand in cold water after swimming. This will reduce the amount of time the fabric is exposed to contaminants like sunscreen, sweat, salt, and chlorine that will shorten the life of your swimsuit. You may also rinse your suit in the shower, just don’t use any shower gels.

Wash at Home
Turn your swimsuit inside out and wash it by hand with tap water and mild soap that doesn’t have added moisturizer. Don’t use detergent or wash your suit in a washing machine. Washing machines and detergents will damage the fabric even if done a single time. Never use bleach. Even though our swimsuits are chlorine resistant, that does not mean they are chlorine proof.

Dry Properly
It’s tempting to wring the water out of your swimsuit but that’s a sure way to wear out the elasticity. Instead lay it flat on a towel, roll the towel up, and squeeze gently. Unroll the towel, remove the suit, and lay it out to dry indoors or in the shade. Do not hang your swimsuit up to dry as hanging can alter the shape of the suit.  And finally, do not dry your swimsuit in a dryer because the tumbling and heat will weaken the elasticity and ruin your suit.